My Project Gallery

Here is a collection of my projects arranged in chronological order.

Avionic (Airbrake) systemOngoing

- Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) at the Spaceport America Cup (SA Cup) 2019

Automatic Face Swapping Between Videos (Github) Fall 2018

- CIS 581 (Computer Vision) final project
- Detect facial landmarks with Face++ API; Match source face to each target face
- Warp face using Delauney trigulation and Barycentric transform
- Correct color by scaling; Seamlessly clone the source face by Poisson blending

Tweet-Based Health Prediction for US CountiesFall 2018

- CIS 520 (Machine Learning) final project, ranked 6/66 on the leaderboard
- Applied PCA to 2000 LDA tweet topics from different US counties; Performed feature engineering on socioeconomics and demographic data
- Implemented a variety of ML algorithm (k-NN, MLP, random forest, Gaussian process regression, etc.) to achieve better accuracy

Object Tracking by Optical Flow (Github) Fall 2018

- CIS 581 (Computer Vision) course project
- Implemented Kanade–Lucas–Tomasi (KLT) feature tracker in Python

Kinematics and Planning of Serial Manipulator (Github) Fall 2018

- Formulated foward, inverse and velocity kinematics of 5 DOF Lynx robot.
- Collision-free path planning with Probablistic Roadmap Method (PRM) and Artificial Potential Field.
- Methods evaluated using both MATLAB simluation and on a physical Lynx robot.
- Designed a vision-based pick-and-place system for KUKA iiwa 14 manipulator in V-REP using Coplanar POSIT and PRM.

Image Stitching and Panorama by Feature Matching (Github) Fall 2018

- Feature point selection by Adaptive Non-Maximal Suppression (ANMS)
- Homography estimation with RANSAC
- Image warping, stitching, and gredient-domain blending

Autonomous Robot for the DJI Robomaster AI Challenge (Github)Summer 2018

- Visual detection and tracking of supply box and enemy armor with OpenCV
- Map-Based localization using LIDAR
- Servo and Look&Move controller for grasping
- Decision-making based on Behavior Tree

Remote Control FoosballSummer 2018

Navigation and Control of a Quadrotor UAV with Reinforcement LearningSpring 2018

- End-to-end control policy represented by a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) network.
- Learn through trails in simulator using Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) implemented with TensorFlow.
- Discretize environment into girds and learn optimal path using Q-Learning.
project 01project 01

Autonomous Navigation of a Quadrotor in Unknown Environment2017

- Realtime trajectory generation from RGB-D sensor with OpenCV.
- Implemented the model predictive controller (MPC) in Python.
- Performed simulation in ROS/Gazebo.
project 02project 02

Human-Robot-Interface PlatformSummer 2017

During my summer internship in the University of Pennsylvania, I participated in the development of the robot Quori. Quori is an HRI (Human Robot Interaction) platform under developed by Modlab in UPenn’s GRASP Lab.
project 03

Cooperative Transport with Two Quadrotors2017-2018

- Managed a group of four students in a funded research project: Cooperative Transportation with Two AR Drone Quadrotors.
- Established a multi-robot experimental platform by setting up OptiTrack motion capture system, local wireless network, and ROS software.
- Performed modeling and identification of the AR Drone dynamic model; Designed PID controller to achieve trajectory control.
- Designed and validated cooperative controller for multiple quadrotors rigidly attached to planer payload.
project 01

Automated Jigsaw Puzzle Solving with Cartesian ManipulatorFall 2016

- Achieved automated jigsaw puzzle solving on tounchscreen tablet.
- Digital image processing (region segmentation, SIFT feature matching, template matching) with C++ and OpenCV.
- Graphical user interface written in C++ and Qt.
- Send GCode motion commands to serial port to control a cyberDIP device.
project 04project 04project 04

Spider Insight - Web crawlerSpring 2017

I am enthusiastic in writing web crawlers. Spider Insight is a Python program developed during the 2017 HACKxSJTU hackathon.
project 05

Automated Commodity Futures Trading2016-2017

Maze Solving RobotSpring 2016

The course project of Science and Technology Innovation (Part 4-E) at SJTU. The project involves hardware design of a three-wheel mobile robot and software programming of the PSoC4 embedded controller. In the final, the robot was able to track a black line, autonomously navigate through a maze, estimate odometry accurately with encoder and inertial sensors and receive Bluetooth teleop commands to do complex maneuvers.
project 06

7-Segment Digit Recognition in LabVIEWFall 2015

The course project of Science and Technology Innovation (Part 3-F).

FPGA Based Video GameSpring 2015

The course project of ES003 (Electronics Lab) at SJTU.
project 08

Amateur Rocketry 2009-2013

- Started from 2009, I built my own rocket system capable of reaching 3000ft.
- KNDX fuel grain manufactured at home using recrystallization method at controlled temperature.
- Reliable solid rocket motor ground tested for more than 100 times.
- Avionic system controls staging and recovery.
project 07motortest